Softcoat Glass Calgary
Softcoat Low-E Glass

Softcoat Low-E Glass

Softcoat Glass is chosen for climates where cooling costs outweigh heating costs in your energy usage, or where summer discomfort from heat build-up is an important concern. This is the best glass for most applications in our climate. It has a very high reflection rate of the radiant outside heat to prevent heat gain in summer. In winter it still retains radiant heat once you turn on your furnace! Softcoat has a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) for our market to minimize Solar Heat Gain that results in extra work for your air conditioning unit.

Window Glass Features

Custom Tinted Glass Calgary

Custom Glass & Tint

Our IGU‘s can be combined with a wide range of tinted and reflective glass to help you maintain the original colour of your tinted windows or curtain-walls.

Double and Triple Pane Glass Calgary

Double or Triple Pane Glass

Double pane windows can help reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. The main benefit of double pane windows is the cost factor. Make your choice.

Intercept Window Space System Calgary

Stainless Steel Spacers

Intercept® Spacer System uses black painted stainless steel because it is stronger and more durable than foam and provides excellent thermal performance.

Energy Savings. Cost Savings. Care for the Environment.

Our IGMAC Approved Solar Shield Low-E can help reduce solar heat gain. As a proud partner of Vitro Architectural Glass’s (formerly PPG glass), Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors is an exclusive provider of the Solarban® family of high-performance solar control, low-e glass products.

Comfort, energy savings and aesthetics are all factors to consider when choosing your new windows. Insulating Glass Units are used in a variety of applications including windows, doors and skylights for commercial buildings and residential construction.

Energy Saving Windows Calgary
AVWD is an exclusive provider of Solarban® high-performance low-e glass products

Customize Your Glass with Window Grilles

Increase Curb Appeal with Decorative Window Grilles

Window Grilles Increase Curb Appeal

Window grilles are a popular way to enhance windows. Grilles come in a variety of styles, patters, colours, and designs that can add a timeless appearance to your windows. Windows with grilles help beautify your home and stand out from the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood.

Grille Patterns

Window grilles are available in a variety of patterns, including Colonial, Prairie, Ladder, and Double Ladder

In-Glass Window Grilles

In-glass grilles are a great way to add distinction to your windows. Since they are installed between the glass panes, you’ll never have to clean them! They come in different colors, choose your color to ensure they match your interior and exterior style.

In-Glass Grilles are available in a wide variety of colour.