Single Horizontal Slider

Single Slider Window operates horizontally (side to side). One side is fixed and the other portion slides left to right. Included is a screen that covers half the window. The moveable sash moves sideways and can tilt into the room for easy removal and cleaning. Added features such as extra weather-stripping and a sash encapsulated into the frame will ensure that drafts cannot break through.

Single Horizontal Slider Window
Single Horizontal Slider Window
Certifications & Ratings

2600 Series

  • Air Tightness: A3
  • Water Tightness: B4
  • Load Resistance: C3
  • R PG55 Fully Re-enforced
  • Energy Rating: 19
  • U-Factor: 1.76
  • Simulated with 3mm SB-60 Low E Argon